Hawaii and Bitcoin, searches on Google Trends

Hawaii and Bitcoin, searches on Google Trends

Hawaii is one of the states in the US where the word Bitcoin is most commonly searched for. This is revealed by Google Trends.

The Google tool shows that in the last 12 months the three US states with the most Bitcoin searches are Nevada (100/100), followed by Hawaii (99/100) and California and Washington (90/100).

But what do people search for in Hawaii? Over the past year, three queries have emerged:

  • How to invest in Bitcoin;
  • Ethereum price;
  • How to buy Bitcoin.

These are fairly common queries in the rest of the US as well.

In the last 30 days, coinciding with the record high price of Bitcoin, it is no coincidence that Bitcoin Loophole users have asked Google predominantly one thing: Bitcoin price.

Hawaii as a testing ground for Bitcoin

The high interest in Bitcoin in Hawaii may be due to the fact that an experiment is underway here that will serve to extend a new regulation for cryptocurrencies. As part of the Digital Currency Innovation Lab 21 exchanges will be able to work without a crypto licence. Among the most well-known companies are Gemini, Novi, BlockFi and RobinHood.

At the end of two years of experimentation, the authorities will draw conclusions.

This experiment could be propaedeutic for crypto regulation in the US, which is already quite strict, and is now in the throes of a new administration that will have to decide whether to continue with the Trump era, or to be less strict. The fact that Janet Yellen, who is extremely critical of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, is at the Treasury does not make one feel comfortable.

How to go to Hawaii with Bitcoin

Speaking of Hawaii and Bitcoin, Hawaii is a dream destination. Well, you can also go there on holiday by paying in Bitcoin. There are platforms that allow you to book flights and hotels, paying in cryptocurrency. Travala and TravelbyBit are among the most popular platforms to book flights and hotels and also pay in Bitcoin. It’s a shame that it’s currently difficult to travel, but it could be a project to put into practice when Covid is put behind it.