Tether Gold adds to the cryptoactives that SeSocio added to its investment possibilities

From the SeSocio.com platform it is now possible to invest online in Tether Gold (XAUT), a cryptoactive that represents the property of a troy ounce of gold. Behind each XAUt is physical gold that supports the value of the token. This was reported by SeSocio to Cointelegraph en Español in a press release.

In the statement they detailed: „SeSocio.com (…) presents Theter Gold (XAUt), a digital asset that represents the price of gold and is managed by the company Tether. Each token acquired gives digital ownership over one troy ounce of gold, which is equivalent to 31.10 grams. Tether assures that behind each XAUt there is physical gold that supports the value of the token stored in Switzerland, which is responsible for the custody of the precious metal“.

Demand for Tether Gold increases as commodity prices soar

„By investing digitally in gold through Tether Gold, you avoid high maintenance costs and commissions and access a digital asset with physical backing. As there is no minimum investment amount, anyone can invest in this asset,“ they later added.

Sebastián Aldasoro, Head of Blockchain for Latin America, commented on this:

„Tether Gold is a new instrument that allows access to gold investment through a digital asset backed by physical gold, in pesos, from any place and at any time“.

Celsius users can now purchase Tether Gold through debit and credit cards

About SeSocio.com
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